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Building the Orange Campaign: We Nailed It!

Thanks to You, hardworking families are able to afford housing and still have enough money left at the end of the month for food and other basic necessities. In Orange County the cost of housing continues to rise and, for many, remains the major stumbling block to their ability to pull themselves up financially. It is through homeownership – and the equity, opportunity, and self-esteem it creates – that parents can end this struggle and provide a safe, stable home for their children. Habitat for Humanity of Orange County builds better lives through affordable homeownership and a better community for us all.

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A Better Community One Home At a Time.
Hammers. Nails. Building materials. And your help.

The growing population of retirees and relocated professionals in Orange County coupled with the shortage of developable land have led to high home prices; in 2005 the average new home price in Chapel Hill was nearly $565,000. For day care teachers, health care assistants, construction workers, service industry workers – people on whom we rely daily – homeownership is nearly impossible.

Decent rental housing is also prohibitive. In order to afford rent on a two-bedroom apartment, a working parent would have to earn 300% more than the minimum wage. Instead, many families suffer in housing that is unsafe, inadequately heated, overcrowded, or lacks plumbing, just to get by month to month.

To meet the increasing demand for decent, affordable housing for those most underserved, families who earn 50% or below the area median income, Habitat must increase the number of homes it builds each year. In 2004 committed and passionate community leaders and volunteers of Habitat for Humanity of Orange County launched a three-year $5 Million comprehensive campaign. This campaign has helped us to:

• build 50 Habitat homes;
• construct the necessary infrastructure for these homes; and
• create a land fund so that Habitat can continue to build homes into the future.

Your contribution to Habitat builds better lives for deserving families.


To build 50 Habitat homes for 50 families in Orange County

$ 3,000,000

To build infrastructure (roads, sewer, etc.) for these and future Habitat homes

$ 1,500,000

To bank for land to build future Habitat homes

$ 500,000



Look what we’ve accomplished!

Rusch Hollow, Chapel Hill
In 2004 Habitat for Humanity began infrastructure construction for a 12-home community off of Rogers Road in Chapel Hill. Rusch Hollow features simple, energy efficient homes with turned posts and masonry porch steps for an old-time neighborhood feel. In 2006 the last home was built in partnership with Carolyn Nickens, her teen-age daughter, and the UNC Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity/the Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church/St. Paul’s AME/and the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning.

Richmond Hills, Efland
In 2006 the final three (of 43!) homes were completed in Richmond Hills, a rural neighborhood of Habitat homes. Richmond Hills is next door to a community center and the highly rated Efland-Cheeks Elementary School. The final homes were part of a spectacular Builder’s Blitz: local builders, Olde South Homes and Anderson Homes, raised the funds and built the homes in one week!

Tulip Tree Road in Fairview, Hillsborough
In 2006 Habitat began construction on 18 lots in the Fairview Community of Hillsborough. Fairview is an existing community that in recent years has suffered from crime and safety issues. Working closely with the neighbors in Fairview, local community organizations and churches, and playing a collaborative role with the Town of Hillsborough, Habitat for Humanity is part of a revitalization of Fairview: returning the neighborhood to a family-friendly and owner-occupied community by building new affordable homes that fit into, as well as uplift, the existing community. These homes are available for purchase to current Fairview families who qualify for Habitat and have attracted new families to area.

Land Inventory
In summer of 2005, Habitat for Humanity faced a crisis: by the fall of 2006 there would be a gap in its three-year inventory of land and Habitat would not be able to build homes. Thanks to overwhelming support from the community and a private foundation, Habitat raised $300,000 to purchase land, including the 18 lots on Tulip Tree Road in Hillsborough. Habitat once again is building homes on schedule and today has an inventory of land that should yield 100 building lots!

Building the World: House for House
With every home Habitat for Humanity of Orange County builds, it tithes $4,250 (the average cost to build a home outside the US) to Habitat for Humanity International to build a home with a deserving family in another country. Build your community, build the world.

Coming Soon . . . with your support today.

Bradley Ridge, Chapel Hill
A community of single-family Habitat homes off Weaver Dairy Road in Chapel Hill.

Purefoy Drive, Chapel Hill
An affordable community on 20 acres of land off Purefoy Drive.

Habitat for Humanity will always have a need for buildable land, particularly in the southern part of the county where our community’s largest employers are located, and must be in financial position to purchase reasonably priced property when it becomes available.

For more information or to make a contribution, please contact:
Anne-Marie Vanaman
Development Director
919-932-7077 ext. 216
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