Court-Related Community Service:

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County no longer participates in court-ordered or pre-court volunteer programs. Please see the ReStore for their court-related volunteer program. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

General Community Service:

If you need community service hours verified for purposes other than court-related circumstances, please use the Habitat Hours Tracking Sheet or your own organization's hours tracking log if they have provided one for you. Bring your Hours Tracking Sheet to site when you build and have a site supervisor sign off on your hours the same day you complete them. If you have any questions, please contact

In order to receive a letter of verification on Habitat letterhead, please send a legible copy of your Hours Tracking Sheet to after you have completed and logged all the hours that must be verified. Include your full name and the total hours worked in the body of the email. Please specify whether you would like a printed copy to pick up at the Habitat office or if you would like a PDF emailed to you. Allow at least one week for your request to be processed. Habitat for Humanity cannot verify community service hours without a signed Hours Tracking Sheet. Requests for letters of verification without an Hours Tracking Sheet will not be granted