Crescent Magnolia, affordable senior living, under construction

May 23, 2018  |  News of Orange

In September, Habitat for Humanity will break ground for a senior living community, Crescent Magnolia, in the Waterstone development.  This is possible thanks to a portion of the Orange County affordable housing bond funds approved for phase one in November 2016. $2.5 million was distributed among four county affordable housing projects to create 52 homes, with Habitat receiving a little over $900,000, about one-third of the development cost.  Read more

Chapel Hill weighs affordable housing bond referendum

April 25, 2018  |  Spectrum News

Voters could decide whether to add more affordable housing to Chapel Hill. Town leaders are taking steps to include it on the November 2018 ballot. Adding 400 new housing units and renovating 275. Bond referendum will include one cent tax hike. Town leaders will hold town hall on May 9th at 7 p.m. “We have a need in Chapel Hill for affordable homes that are both for rental and home ownership in the community because we recognize that's a big gap in the housing market,” said Loryn Clark with the Office of Housing and Community. Read more

These students are organizing an art show to give back to the community

February 21, 2018  |  The Daily Tar Heel

Top of the Hill’s Great Room will look a little different than usual tomorrow night.  Mixed Concrete, a student-run art show and fundraiser, will be filling the space with more than 75 works by students and local artists for a silent auction to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Orange County. The show, which is in its seventh year, is expected to raise over $10,000 to help combat problems with affordable housing in Chapel Hill. Director Mary McCall Leland and Assistant Director Badham Dixon, both sophomores, and their team have been planning the show since September and are excited about how much it has grown.  Read more


Thein Oo and Lweh Eh Paw

Thein Oo and Lweh Eh Paw

Thein Oo and his wife Lweh Eh Paw are from Burma, and they met in a refugee camp in Thailand. After moving to the United States, Thein Oo began working at UNC as a housekeeper and was recently promoted to team leader.

The couple has a one-year-old, Chit Su Oo, and a five-year-old, Chit Ku Oo. The four of them live in a townhouse in Carrboro, but in the five years since they’ve moved to the United States, rent has risen drastically. The same unit costs $300 dollars more now than it did in 2011. They’ve always dreamed of owning a single-family home, but before Habitat, they didn’t have any affordable options.

Thein Oo and Lweh Eh Paw are excited to move into downtown Chapel Hill’s Northside neighborhood where he can easily get to work and the children will grow up around other children in a thriving community. They have friends who live in the neighborhood, and hope their children will one day attend the University of North Carolina!

The Aung Family

The Aung Family

Nan Say The Hler Aung and Saw Ae Htee Kung Aung have four children and both work as chefs for Carolina Dining Services. The whole family loves to cook, and they often cook together as a family activity.

Nan Say and Saw Ae are originally from Malaysia and have been married for twenty years. They moved to Chapel Hill from Chicago five years ago to escape the cold and love the community and school system here. Currently, they are renting an apartment that will soon be too small for their growing children.

The family is thrilled to live in the close knit Northside community where their children can thrive. With the many resources nearby and the extra space in their home, they are looking forward to staying there for a lifetime.

Poe Htoo and Eh Paw

Poe Htoo and Eh Paw

A fresh start

Poe Htoo and Eh Paw both work as housekeepers at The Carolina Inn. They love that the Inn is close to where they live, and they have friends at work. When they’re not at work, they like to cook, garden, and play with their kids.

Poe Htoo and Eh Paw met at a refugee camp in Thailand while picking corn. They have been married for ten years, and they have three children, Clay (11), John (5), and Josie Paw (2). Clay recently completed sixth grade, and John is starting kindergarten next year. They are looking forward to being close to school and having bigger rooms!

The family has been in Chapel Hill for nine years, and currently lives in a cramped three-bedroom apartment in Northside.

Poe Htoo and Eh Paw never thought that they would be able to have a home, and they are glad that they have finally found something that will be affordable for them. They are excited to stay in the Northside neighborhood, which is close to school, work, and their community center. Everyone in the neighborhood is friendly and always greets each other. They like that they can walk everywhere, and they feel very safe.