Crescent Magnolia, affordable senior living, under construction

May 23, 2018  |  News of Orange

In September, Habitat for Humanity will break ground for a senior living community, Crescent Magnolia, in the Waterstone development.  This is possible thanks to a portion of the Orange County affordable housing bond funds approved for phase one in November 2016. $2.5 million was distributed among four county affordable housing projects to create 52 homes, with Habitat receiving a little over $900,000, about one-third of the development cost.  Read more

Chapel Hill weighs affordable housing bond referendum

April 25, 2018  |  Spectrum News

Voters could decide whether to add more affordable housing to Chapel Hill. Town leaders are taking steps to include it on the November 2018 ballot. Adding 400 new housing units and renovating 275. Bond referendum will include one cent tax hike. Town leaders will hold town hall on May 9th at 7 p.m. “We have a need in Chapel Hill for affordable homes that are both for rental and home ownership in the community because we recognize that's a big gap in the housing market,” said Loryn Clark with the Office of Housing and Community. Read more

These students are organizing an art show to give back to the community

February 21, 2018  |  The Daily Tar Heel

Top of the Hill’s Great Room will look a little different than usual tomorrow night.  Mixed Concrete, a student-run art show and fundraiser, will be filling the space with more than 75 works by students and local artists for a silent auction to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Orange County. The show, which is in its seventh year, is expected to raise over $10,000 to help combat problems with affordable housing in Chapel Hill. Director Mary McCall Leland and Assistant Director Badham Dixon, both sophomores, and their team have been planning the show since September and are excited about how much it has grown.  Read more


Regina Miller

Regina Miller

“This new home will provide our family with a stable home,” said Regina. “I can’t wait for my children to have their own rooms and to live in a neighborhood with other children.”

Regina Miller and her two children currently live in Hillsborough, NC where they share a bedroom. They are living with eight other relatives in a three bedroom home. “We relocated here from the coast about three years ago to be closer to family, and living with our family was our best option,” said Regina. “It has been a great fit for our family, but now we are ready to have our own space and own a home we can grow in for years to come.”

Regina works at the Orange County clerk’s office as a Deputy Clerk. She loves her job and everyone she works with. When Regina isn’t working, her and her children like to get outside and explore local parks and see things. They like to be adventurous.  “I am really proud of my mom,” said Aiden. “She is going to be able to afford a great home for us and that is great.”

Gerardo and Ilail Tengono

Gerardo and Ilail Tengono

Gerardo and Ilail Tengono were living in Colombia, but their two children and three grandkids were residing in the United States. With a strong desire to be closer to their family, they decided to uproot their lives and move to America. With the help of their son-in-law, they were sponsored and welcomed to North Carolina. 

The Tengono’s wanted to find a stable home that they could invest in for years to come, and were disappointed to find out that they didn’t qualify for a conventional loan. After a friend told them about the Habitat program, they began volunteering and learning about the homebuyer process. Through a lot of planning and saving, they qualified for the program and began to work toward becoming a Habitat homeowner.

“Habitat opened the door and turned the light on for us,” said Gerardo. “We are so happy to participate in this program because it is a real opportunity for us. To be able to volunteer and give our devotion and love to other families while building our own, it’s beautiful.” Gerardo now dedicates his weekdays to serving on the Habitat construction site and has become a regular to staff and volunteers. He says he will continue to serve on the site after his home is completed. 

Latoya Mewborn

Latoya Mewborn

Latoya Mewborn works at the Stratford as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). She has worked there for over four years and loves being able to put a smile on residents’ faces. “I think of the residents as other members of my family and try to make them laugh and feel loved throughout the day,” said Latoya.

Latoya, her mother and her three children currently live in a cramped apartment that is infested with mold and usually smells of gas. The property owners refuse to fix these issues and it has caused eight-year-old Lataijah to develop asthma. The other two children are constantly fighting bronchitis due to poor air flow and mildew in the home. With the front door opening onto a major road, it leaves limited space for the children to play outside as well.

“I want a home where my kids can play tag and soccer in the yard,” said Latoya. “A home where we can grow fresh veggies in the yard and encourage the kids to play outside.” This new Habitat home will mean that Latoya and her children will no longer have to move from house to house, but that they will have a stable, affordable, and safe home to live and grow in.