Abby Martinez has worked as a cleaner at Orange County Government Asset Management Services for over five years. She loves that she is always around people, and she likes that the schedule lets her be with her kids in the afternoon. Her entire family lives locally and has been here for 20 years.

Abby is Mom to two adorable girls: Michelle, 12, and Shayla, 6. Michelle loves to play dress-up with her little sister. She has already heard that there are lots of girls her age in the Habitat neighborhood, and she is excited about meeting them. Shayla is thrilled to have a room of her own, and she can’t wait to paint it purple. She also loves high heels!

Abby currently rents a house in Burlington because the rental prices in Orange County are just too expensive. This means that Abby has to wake up at 3:15am every day to commute to her 5:00am shift. In addition, the landlord has not made needed repairs to her house, such as fixing leaks and cracks. This has led to mold and increased health problems for Michelle, who has asthma.

Abby is looking forward to a home that is closer to her job. Not only will this will make her commute shorter, but she will also be closer to her kids’ school. She is excited to have something “for us.”

Abby is working with the Interfaith Partnership to build her home. This partnership includes Carolina Friends School, Judea Reform Congregation, Kehillah Synagogue, St. Matthews Episcopal Church, UNC Muslim Students Association, and UNC Cru