Alexandra has traveled the county and world, but her favorite place to stay and call home is right here in Orange County. “I love to take group-guided trips with other people my age. I’ve been able to see so many places internationally and domestically,” Alexandra shares. Once on a trip to visit her parents, she passed through Hillsborough and loved it so much, she knew she wanted to live in the area someday. A year and a half ago, she was able to make the move and currently rents in Carrboro.

When looking to get involved in the Hillsborough community, she found information on Habitat’s new senior housing program. Always being interested in homeownership and the work Habitat does, she applied, was accepted, and got to work on sweat equity quickly after. “Owning a home gives me control over my financial situation. Owning a Habitat home gives me peace of mind that I won’t be priced out of the area,” said Alexandra. “This is an extraordinary opportunity to stay active by building mine and my neighbors homes as well as stay independent when I move in my own home.”

Alexandra looks forward to gardening, cooking, and entertaining in her new home. “I’m excited to plan for a future in my new affordable home!”