Lena Himes is originally from Pascagoula, Mississippi, but has lived and worked in Orange County for over 30 years. She recently retired from Wal-Mart. Her husband was in the Navy, and together they had three sons and a daughter. She currently rents a house in Efland where the landlord has not made crucial repairs. The house has mold issues, a leaky ceiling, and no heat.

Lena lives with her 15-year-old grandson Kimball. Kimball is in tenth grade at Orange High School and his favorite activity is cooking. Because of this, what he’s looking forward to most about his new house is a bigger kitchen!

Lena has been working on her sweat equity hours as a volunteer in the Habitat office, so stop by the office on a Friday to see her! Lena is looking forward to her new home and believes it will be a wonderful asset for her family.

Lena is working with Hammers and Hearts, a partnership with Christ United Methodist Church, University Presbyterian Church, and University United Methodist Church to build her home. Thanks to Hammers and Hearts for making this house possible!