Couples meet in many ways: at work, online, through mutual friends. Rob and April, however, met laying bricks during an A Brush with Kindness repair project in Chapel Hill. “I remember it being a crazy hot day,” recalls April, “I got my umbrella out of my trunk to shade us as he laid the bricks in the walkway.”

The heat of the day and the hard work of bricklaying didn’t stifle conviviality. The two talked all day, getting to know one another and at the close of the workday, Rob walked April to her car. The following week, April attended the dedication ceremony celebrating the project’s success. She hoped to see Rob again, but he wasn’t there.

After realizing they both attended newhope church, they were finally able to connect with the aid of some mutual friends, and exchanged numbers. A year later, April and Rob were married.

Habitat continues to play an integral role in their relationship as they still enjoy participating in Habitat projects. “I tell my single friends that the way to find a wonderful person who shares your interests and has a heart for service is to show your heart and volunteer yourself,” says April.

This Valentine’s Day, Habitat is celebrating its mission of building strength, stability, self-reliance—and even love.