“This new home will provide our family with a stable home,” said Regina. “I can’t wait for my children to have their own rooms and to live in a neighborhood with other children.”

Regina Miller and her two children currently live in Hillsborough, NC where they share a bedroom. They are living with eight other relatives in a three bedroom home. “We relocated here from the coast about three years ago to be closer to family, and living with our family was our best option,” said Regina. “It has been a great fit for our family, but now we are ready to have our own space and own a home we can grow in for years to come.”

Regina works at the Orange County clerk’s office as a Deputy Clerk. She loves her job and everyone she works with. When Regina isn’t working, her and her children like to get outside and explore local parks and see things. They like to be adventurous.  “I am really proud of my mom,” said Aiden. “She is going to be able to afford a great home for us and that is great.”