Ashley and Tyler Headrick have two children: Hayli and Jaiden. Ashley grew up in Orange County and works at Carol Woods Retirement Community as a Resident Assistant. She has worked there for three years, and smiles when she talks about the joy she receives in making each day better for her patients. Ashley hopes to go back to school to get a degree in Geriatric Social Work so she can better care for seniors.

Tyler has worked at A Step Ahead, a carpet and upholstery cleaning business, for 7 years. He also has experience in construction and was quickly promoted to a Crew Leader on the Habitat construction site! Tyler is an avid cook, and he sometimes cooks with his daughter, Hayli. She says her dad’s best dish is shrimp and vegetables!

Hayli Headrick is six years old and is in 1st grade at Bradford Christian Academy thanks to a school scholarship. Her favorite subjects in school are reading, writing, and of course, lunch! She is a member of the Girl Scouts, plays piano, and jumps rope. She is excited about having more space in her room for her and her guinea pig Sparkle. Hayli hopes she can paint her new room purple.

The Headricks currently live in a two bedroom mobile home. There is not enough space for the kids to grow; there is not even enough space to close the door. Jaiden sleeps in a crib in the closet, which means that Ashley and Tyler have nowhere to put their clothes. The trailer is old and has issues with mold and mildew. In addition, Tyler says the neighborhood does not feel safe for his children to play outside and they often hear fighting from the neighbors.

For the Headricks, a new home will mean less stress since they won’t have constant repairs. It will also mean a safer and more stable environment for Hayli and Jaiden to learn and grow.

The Headricks are partnering with a group of churches to build their home: Building Hope. Thanks to Catholic Community of Saint Thomas More, Community Church of Chapel Hill Unitarian Universalist, Holy Trinity Lutheran ChurchUNC Chapel Hill Newman Catholic Student Center ParishUnited Church of Chapel Hill, and University United Baptist Church Collegiate Ministry for making this build possible!