Nancy and Jimmy have been married for 37 years and have lived in the Chapel Hill area all their lives. They met while working at UNC’s Hematology Lab together and have three children and three grandchildren who still live in the Triangle area.

Nancy had heard about Habitat from friends who previously worked with the organization, and she was happy to learn about the Home Preservation program from the Jackson Center. After her husband got sick a few years ago and began using a walker to get around, it became complicated for him to enter and exit their home. The deck on the front of the home was rotting in some spots and only had steps, which were nearly impossible for Jimmy to navigate alone. She applied to Habitat and received a new deck and ramp.

“My neighbors are jealous because it’s such a nice deck. Every time I think about it I cry,” said Nancy.

Nancy is excited for she and Jimmy to have some independence back thanks to this ramp. Jimmy is now able to get around better on his own, which allows Nancy to get back into volunteering which she hasn’t done much of since Jimmy got sick.

“He gets in his walker and moves around. He’s able to take the trash out himself. Before he was confined to the house and I couldn’t take him with me because I can’t lift him anymore. But it’s different now thanks to Habitat.”