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Like our community, our brand new site is under development — check back frequently for information and updates, including dates for community meetings and other opportunities to get involved.


Note: the following information is subject to change and can be updated at any time as more information becomes available. Last updated July 1,2019.

What is Weavers Grove?

Weavers Grove is a planned mixed income residential community for Chapel Hill. It will be located at the intersection of Sunrise and Ginger Road, just south of Interstate 40.


We’re planning on serving current members of the Chapel Hill community who make 30 to 80 percent of the area median income (AMI). We anticipate many of these residents will be employed by or affiliated with UNC or UNC Health Care. We also plan to partner with a market rate home builder to create a mixed income, architecturally integrated community. 

See below for concept illustrations and an FAQ .

Our Mission

With Weavers Grove, it’s our mission to provide safe, stable and affordable housing to active members of the local community, while also creating tangible economic and social benefits for neighboring Chapel Hill residents.

To accomplish this, we commit to being fully transparent about our planning and design process, as well as open and available to community feedback and involvement.

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Why Chapel Hill Needs Weavers Grove

Safe and affordable housing is needed all around the country, including Chapel Hill. The area’s population continues to grow while the housing market struggles to keep up. This has led to a steady increase in housing prices. As a result, many community members can no longer afford adequate housing.

These community members include working families we depend on every day. Whether they’re preschool teachers, social workers, hospital employees, or senior citizens, we believe everyone deserves a safe and stable home.

Weavers Grove Community Plan

The following is a high-level overview of the planning and construction timeline for Weavers Grove. Although this may be subject to change, it should give you a general idea of what the process looks like.

Note: All steps listed after the Town Council Review are contingent on the official approval of the Chapel Hill Town Council.

H3: 2019 Works in Progress

  • Concept plan revisions based on initial feedback
  • Submission of application to the Town of Chapel Hill
  • Application review by Town Board/Staff continues through the remainder of 2019
  • Close on final two properties

H3: 2020

  • Town Council Public Hearing and final action
  • Zoning compliance permit approval process
  • Expected award to bid and notice to proceed for construction of infrastructure

H3: 2021–2022

  • Infrastructure construction begins
  • Infrastructure completed
  • All required approvals by state and local agencies secured

H3: 2022–2027

  • Phase 1: Construction of Habitat homes begins (market rate homes are TBD)

Latest News

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07/24/2019: Public Information Hearing at 5:15pm on the 1st floor of Chapel Hill Town Hall. 

06/27/2019: Conditional Zoning Application submitted to the Town of Chapel Hill. Click here to view the full application.

06/01/2019: After more than a year of due diligence exploring a partnership, Habitat and Carol Woods came to the decision that it is not the right time for a joint development and that Habitat should proceed as the master developer. Carol Woods remains very supportive of the Habitat vision for the Sunrise Road property.

03/14/2019: Habitat received a zoning compliance permit to conduct geotechnical subsurface exploration soli borings on the property. The primary site access will be via Ginger Road. Please note that the contractor may do some light clearing of underbrush to create paths for the drill rig to get to the boring locations but no stump removal will be performed.

03/13/2019: Habitat received notification that the Town of Chapel Hill approved an extension for the previously approved subdivision Bradley Ridge until February 25, 2020.

03/06/2019 - Chapel Hill Town Council Meeting - Chapel Hill Town Council approved Habitat’s request for $375,000 in funding for land acquisition and pre-development costs for this project.

11/14/2018 - Chapel Hill Town Council Meeting

11/13/2018 - Housing Advisory Board Meeting

10/23/2018 - Community Design Commission Meeting

FAQ: Habitat for Humanity of Orange County Community

The following information is based on previous town halls and addresses the most frequently asked questions and concerns about the Weavers Grove community.

Note: The following information is subject to change and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Last updated: July 1, 2019



  • We will work with the Town of Chapel Hill to determine the appropriate zoning for the Weavers Grove community. We will apply for rezoning after the application is approved.
  • Our proposed zoning is a R5-CZ.

Noise Concerns

  • There will be significant buffers along our exterior property lines.
  • The noise level will be similar to houses in Chandlers Green, Silver Creek and Spring Crest.
  • We will research soundproofing construction techniques to mitigate the noise for the houses closest to I-40.

Stormwater Management

  • Our submittal to the Town includes a detailed storm and water management report, which meets all local and state requirements. 
  • We are committed to looking at all options to ensure that there is no negative impact on the neighboring communities.

Amesbury Drive Cut-Through

  • We are proposing an Emergency Only connection to Amesbury, which would also allow for bike and pedestrian use. 

Traffic Impact

  • The Traffic Impact Analysis for this project was prepared by an independent traffic engineer hired by the Town of Chapel Hill. It is included in our application. 
  • The construction entrance will be off of Sunrise Road and will go directly to Weavers Grove.
  • We anticipate that the majority of the Weavers Grove homeowners will be employed by, or affiliated with, UNC or UNC Health Care. This means they are likely to take advantage of public transportation as parking is limited on campus.

Buffer to Chandlers Green

  • We are proposing the entire 60’ of the Ginger Road right of way remain undeveloped as a natural buffer.
  • We are also proposing an additional 25’ of buffer along our southern boundary with Chandlers Green, which would provide a total buffer width of 90’. We are also proposing a similar buffer along our eastern boundary with Chandlers Green.

Appearance and Architecture

  • Cline Design of Raleigh and Charlotte have been selected as our architects. Images of their exterior elevation designs for our homes and other buildings are included in our application. 

Home and Property Maintenance

  • All exterior maintenance of the homes (roof repair, siding, exterior painting, etc.), as well as landscaping and lawn care for the entire community, will be managed by the HOA.
  • These are responsible homeowners who are responsible for the interior of the homes.
  • We do a walkthrough with the homeowners before closing to explain various elements of the home. We also do a one-year check in with the homeowners to answer any questions they might have about their home and address any maintenance issues.

Environmental Impact

  • Our concept plan is designed to meet all environmental requirements and will be reviewed by town staff. The main stream through the original 17-acre tract is classified as a perennial stream, which has a 150’ buffer from each stream bank.
  • The project has been designed to minimize impacts to the protected zones of the buffer.



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