Current Construction Sites

Tinnin Woods

323 School House Road, Efland, NC 27243

Habitat is building a community with 28 homes in Tinnin Woods.



216 N. Roberson Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Habitat is currently repairing homes in Northside and will begin building new homes in the fall of 2016.


Fairview + Hillsborough

150 Faucette Mill Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Habitat has built 50 homes and completed multiple repairs in Hillsborough.


Staff Directory

Development, Volunteer Programs & Youth Programs

Christine Abernathy

Volunteer and Youth Programs Coordinator

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 220

Cell: 919-698-2145

Katie Thompson Bowe

Director of Leadership Gifts

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 218

Cell: 919-951-8514

Alice Jacoby

Partnership Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 216

Cell: 919-697-1903

Grace Johnston

Database and Grant Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 219

Jennifer Player

Director of Development

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 215

Cell: 919-339-9444

Hannah Strom

Communications Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 210

Family Services and Community Programs

Adwoa Asare

Community Development Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 233

Cell: 919-724-1063

Sharron Reid

Family Services Director

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 213

Rachel Rosin

Homeowner Support Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 232


Joel Fisher

Site Supervisor

Cell: 919-697-1901

Tate Hamlet

ABWK/Critical Repair Supervisor

Cell: 919-698-3442

Caresse Lee

Site Supervisor

Cell: 919-697-1900

Tyler Momsen-Hudson

Construction Director

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 214

Cell: 919-697-1898

Richard Turlington

Construction Manager

Cell: 919-697-1899

Beth Vickers

Construction Project Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 217

Cell: 919-697-1906

Finance & Administration

Bonnie Ashley

ReStore Director

Office: 919-403-8668 Ext. 100

Christine Candora-Hickey

Associate Director of Administration

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 212

Susan Levy

Executive Director

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 211

Cell: 919-697-1905

Randy McNeill

Finance Director

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 230


Construction Site Supervisor

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County helps families in need build and own quality affordable homes in safe and supportive communities. We build 10 - 12 new houses in Orange County each year using volunteer labor when possible. The Construction Site Supervisor works primarily on the work site Tuesday-Saturday, preparing for volunteer workdays, supervising volunteers, and coordinating the many tasks on a construction site. Applicants need hands-on construction experience, flexibility, ability to teach, and a commitment to building affordable housing. Prior Habitat experience is highly recommended. Please send resume, references, and cover letter to by February 15th. Read the full job description here