Current Construction Sites

Crescent Magnolia

301 College Park Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Habitat is currently building senior (55+) housing in Hillsborough which will wrap up in mid to late 2020.  


547 Homemont Avenue, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Habitat is currently working with Orange High School students through the Construction Trades program to build a home over the course of the school year.

Staff Directory


Jennifer Player

President and Chief Executive Officer

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 215

Andrea Sorvino

Vice President of Human Resources and Administration

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 212

Randy McNeill

Vice President of Finance

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 230

Alyn Valdivia

Administrative Assistant

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 212


Richard Turlington

Vice President of Construction

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 217

Cell: 919-697-1899

Jesus Gutierrez

Construction Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 214

Cell: 919-730-0718

Ed Kuczynski

Home Preservation Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 234

Cell: 919-698-3442

Matt Henrickson

Senior Site Supervisor

Cell: 919-697-1901

Michaela Monahan

Site Supervisor

Cell: 407-455-0593

Eddie Burgard

Site Supervisor

Cell: 919-618-8942

Amelia Mulder

Home Repair Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 222

Cell: 919-886-8526

Homeowner Services

Steve Drake

Vice President of Homeowner Services

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 213

Kevin Giff

Community Development Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 232

Sarah Wessell

Homeowner Services Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 233


Dianne Pledger

Vice President of Development

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 218

Cell: 919-904-4170

Grace Johnston

Associate Director of Development

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 219

Alice Jacoby

Associate Director of Engagement

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 216

Cell: 919-697-1903

Christine Abernathy

Volunteer Program Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 220

Cell: 919-698-2145

Kaitlyn Kopala

Communications and Events Manager

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 221

Matt Bridges

Development Officer

Office: 919-932-7077 Ext. 210


Currently, we are not hiring for any positions. Check back later for future postings.