John spent most of his career working in construction, so being on the Habitat job site is second nature for him. Although he isn’t able to do as much construction work these days, he loves being on site and talking with the people working on his home.

“I love people and I love that I get to interact with so many different types of people,” John said about his favorite task: greeting each volunteer as they arrive on site and check in.

John heard about Habitat’s senior housing program from several places, including his church, the Efland-Cheeks Community Center, and the Orange County Department on Aging. He was excited to learn more about the opportunity to own a home that he and his wife could age in, so he applied and was accepted!

The couple lives in a first-floor unit, but the apartment itself is not very friendly for older adults. John’s wife has dementia, and their current apartment will not allow him to take care of her or for her to age in place.

With their new Habitat home, not only will John and his wife be able to socialize in a safe neighborhood, but they will also live in an accessible, affordable home. “I’ll be able to give quality care at our home and keep us together longer,” said John. “Family is more important than anything else.”