Latoya Mewborn works at the Stratford as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). She has worked there for over four years and loves being able to put a smile on residents’ faces. “I think of the residents as other members of my family and try to make them laugh and feel loved throughout the day,” said Latoya.

Latoya, her mother and her three children currently live in a cramped apartment that is infested with mold and usually smells of gas. The property owners refuse to fix these issues and it has caused eight-year-old Lataijah to develop asthma. The other two children are constantly fighting bronchitis due to poor air flow and mildew in the home. With the front door opening onto a major road, it leaves limited space for the children to play outside as well.

“I want a home where my kids can play tag and soccer in the yard,” said Latoya. “A home where we can grow fresh veggies in the yard and encourage the kids to play outside.” This new Habitat home will mean that Latoya and her children will no longer have to move from house to house, but that they will have a stable, affordable, and safe home to live and grow in.