Ler Kpaw and his family lived in a refugee camp in Thailand before moving to Chapel Hill four years ago. Ler Kpaw has worked at Performance Bicycle in Chapel Hill for three years. When he’s not at work, his favorite thing to do is play soccer!

Ler Kpaw lives with his mother Nyuat Nvunt and his younger brother Ne Koh. The three of them have lived in a two-bedroom apartment since moving to Chapel Hill, and the space is cramped. Ler Kpaw says they want to have a house because they currently “own nothing.” When they buy their home, they will have more space and the monthly mortgage will be more affordable than their rent.

Ler Kpaw and his family are partnering with the Not So Normal Race to build their home. The Not So Normal Race will take place on April 2nd and 3rd. Runners can sign up here