Maria emigrated from Mexico to the United States 17 years ago. She has worked in Technical Precision Plastics in Mebane for 15 years and is currently a factory supervisor. She has three children: Emmanuel, Emily, and Ashley.

Emmanuel is 17 and a senior at Orange High School. He is taking business classes and wants to be a barber. He plays on the lacrosse team and enjoys art, particularly working with clay and drawing. He is currently saving money to buy a TV for his new room! Emily is 11 and in sixth grade at Gravely Hill Middle School. Her favorite subject is social studies, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Ashley is seven years old and in second grade at Efland Cheeks Elementary where her favorite subject is math. She is excited about being able to walk home instead of taking the bus.

Maria and her family currently live in a mobile home that has a mold problem and broken windows that they have to tape shut in the winter. With their own home, they will be able to save money by not spending on utilities due to an inefficient home. They will also have more space to grow and play. 

Thanks to the house sponsors for the Rodriguez family, Brothers for Habitat. Brothers for Habitat is a collection of fraternities at UNC.