Almost 20 years ago, Pam Winstead saw an advertisement for Habitat for Humanity on television. At the time, Pam was living with eight family members in a three bedroom house. The house had no plumbing. Pam wanted a better life for her four children, so she applied to partner with Habitat.

Pam remembers the hard work it took to complete her required sweat equity hours. She worked over 300 hours to build her home while holding a full time job and raising her children. On the day her home was completed, it was pouring down rain. The red clay surrounding her new house had turned to mud. Her mom asked, “Are you going to move today or will you wait until tomorrow?” Even though she knew her things might get muddy, Pam and her kids moved in that day. She didn’t want to wait even one more day to start her new life.

Twenty years have gone by. Pam’s children have grown up and had children of their own. Pam is now a proud grandmother of ten.

Pam’s Habitat home continues to be a central gathering place for her family. She has hosted holiday meals and birthday parties. What’s more, Pam’s home has been a place of refuge. When Pam’s mom got sick, she stayed at Pam’s to recover. When Pam’s nephew needed a place to live, she took him in.

Thanks to your support, Pam’s home has been a solid foundation for her family to lean on. Now due to Pam’s dedication, she has paid off her mortgage and the home is fully hers.