Said Elagy moved from Morocco to North Carolina 18 years ago. On a trip back to Morocco, he met Fatima Bouricha, and they have been married for 8 years. Said owns his own taxi as well as a cleaning business. Fatima is a Certified Nurse Assistant and works with seniors at Spring Arbor. They have three children, Mariam, Zayad, and a baby boy, Yousses.

Mariam is in first grade at Glenwood Elementary. Her favorite subject in school is reading, and her favorite toys are her Elsa doll and her ponies. Zeyad is in Pre-K and loves superheroes, trucks, and basketball.

The Elagy-Bouricha family currently lives in a two bedroom apartment. Having their own home means they can settle down and not have to keep moving from place to place. The kids can feel free to make noise and play in the backyard. They believe that, “A house is a place where you can be stable.”

Thanks to their home sponsors, Orange County Schools, NC, and Sports Endeavors for making this home possible!