Building Pride: Building Bridges with the LGBTQIA+ Community on and off the Construction site

March 21, 2024

Orange Habitat has dedicated the past year to developing Building Pride, an initiative to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ and TGNC (trans and gender nonconforming) individuals when accessing housing. With funding from the Team Up Project, Orange Habitat collaborated with 31 communities across the country, partnering with local organizations such as other Habitat affiliates, YMCA, Catholic Charities USA, and Interfaith America.

This partnership enabled Orange Habitat to extend its bridge-building efforts on and off the construction site. Since last summer, Orange Habitat has hosted two Pride Build volunteer days, featuring educational sessions during lunch. Beyond the construction site, Orange Habitat participated in community Pride events and held an event that convened the faith community called “Bridging Beliefs: Navigating LGBTQ Inclusion in Christianity.”

At this event, led by Charlie Baber, Youth Minister at University United Methodist Church, attendees from diverse faith backgrounds engaged in discussions on LGBTQ inclusion. Baber, known for his graphic novel addressing LGBTQ inclusion within Christianity, facilitated meaningful conversations to foster understanding and empathy. The program provided a platform for Q&A sessions and open dialogue, cultivating a safe space for constructive exchanges.

Orange Habitat’s commitment to LGBTQIA+ housing education reached a global audience at the recent Habitat for Humanity International Conference in Atlanta, GA. Volunteer Manager Ansel Prichard had the privilege to speak about this vital work, showcasing the impact of the Building Pride initiative. Orange Habitat remains enthusiastic about advancing this initiative and fulfilling its vision of ensuring everyone has a decent place to live.

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