CEO Build: Triangle Executives Build at Weavers Grove

May 16, 2024

Last month, Weavers Grove in Chapel Hill buzzed with the energy of nearly 50 Triangle area executives coming together for a significant cause. CEO Build’s return was triumphant as this initiative has been on hiatus since 2019. CEO Build isn’t just about wielding hammers and laying bricks. It’s a dynamic initiative that fosters community engagement while elevating corporate visibility. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for uniting diverse companies across the Triangle region in support of the Triangle area Habitat for Humanity affiliates including Durham Habitat and Habitat Wake’s invaluable work. 

Bank of America, a long-time advocate of Habitat’s mission, reaffirmed its commitment with a generous investment as the Triangle Partner, providing financial support as well as volunteers on the day of the build, led by Market President Kari Stoltz. “The most important thing is that we are demonstrating through our actions how important this cause is,” said Stoltz, “by taking time off work to contribute to the community and help build this affordable housing. And it’s super exciting that this is a mixed-use area and that this isn’t just designated for Habitat. This is going to be a neighborhood for all.”

The urgency of Habitat’s mission is palpable, exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19 on the housing market. In Chapel Hill alone, the median home price has soared to $761,000. This has left many families struggling to find affordable housing. Currently, 18 Habitat homes are under construction at Weavers Grove. This is a testament to the joint efforts of initiatives like CEO Build. It also shows the dedication of volunteers and their partners. They are not just building homes. They are also building the foundation for strong, fair communities that will last for a lifetime.

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