December 31, 2023

While Habitat builds homes for people to live and grow in, life plans change and families sometimes need to move and sell their homes. Renne first bought her Habitat home in 2007 and have recently gone through the process of moving and selling her home with her now husband Charles.

 “We got to buy an affordable home. Once we partnered with Habitat, we got to help build other people’s homes and they got to build ours. We really built a bond with those people.”

Renne’s Habitat home is in the Fairview neighborhood in Hillsborough. She partnered with Carol Woods to fund and build the home and enjoyed building their home alongside future neighbors. Once they moved in, it didn’t take long for her to get involved. Renne became President of the Homeowners Association, helped start a community garden and food bank, and planned various block parties for her neighbors to get to know each other.

While they have enjoyed living in their Habitat home, they are ready to downsize and move closer to family. The equity they’ve built in their Habitat home over the last 14 years is enabling them to buy a new home that is a better fit for their current life stage.

While they are moving out of the neighborhood, they will still be in the area and plan to stay involved with the community. “This is a home that is going to last. When we move, someone else will have this. The next family will feel the love that was built here,” said Renne.