Tabitha and Jason

December 31, 2023

Tabitha and Jason have wanted to purchase a home for a while and can’t believe they are finally able to do so in Chapel Hill. The couple has had roots in the area for a long time. Jason grew up in Chapel Hill, and while Tabitha is from Selma, she is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate and has lived in the area ever since. The couple met through work at the time and were married in 2006. They had their daughter, Lady, a year later.

Tabitha has spent her career working with children and wouldn’t have it any other way. She spent 16 years at the Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool, but currently works for Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools in the Equity and Engagement Department. In her role now, she is able to work with not just the children but the whole family, providing resources and support. She enjoys working for a great school system that her daughter also attends.

Staying in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools district to be close to school and work has been important when looking at housing for the family. They currently rent a townhome within walking distance of Lady’s school. However, since they moved in in 2017, the rent has continued to increase, with growing concerns around mold and other needed repairs. In search of homeownership, they have applied to Habitat prior in communities outside of Chapel Hill, but it felt like fate when they were approved for a home in Weavers Grove where they can stay in Chapel Hill.

“Just reading that approval email – I felt the weight of finding my forever home lifted off my shoulders,” said Tabitha. “We want this and we know we deserve it. To know it’s actually happening is hard to believe. I hope everyone can this experience.”

Once they move into their new home, the family is most excited to gather with friends and family again. They especially look forward to bringing back the celebrations of their late son in a new home with new traditions. “We will feel better as a family in affordable, safe housing. It’ll be a feeling like no other feeling.”