Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Anderson

January 23, 2024

This month, we want to honor and remember a volunteer who passed away in November. Janet and her husband Hoyle, who passed in 2020, had been passionate supporters and volunteers of Orange Habitat for 20+ years.

The Anderson’s dedication to Habitat is unmatched. They first became involved with Habitat in 2004 through a partnership with their church. Hoyle became a Regular Crew volunteer shortly after. Janet became busy baking literally thousands of chocolate chip cookies for the site volunteers.

Their passion for Habitat shined the most through working with various student groups. They most enjoyed the Bike and Build, a program for college-aged participants. They raised money and volunteered for affordable housing while riding bikes across the US. For years, one route stopped through Chapel Hill. Janet and Hoyle were gracious hosts; they helped with meals, lodging, and transportation while in town.

In 2013, they received the Alice Call Miller Award, pictured here. Then Construction Director Tyler Momsen-Hudson shared, “If there is a way Hoyle and Janet can support the people and mission of Habitat, they do it.”