Weavers Grove: $500,000 Federal Appropriations Support

April 24, 2024

Last month, Orange Habitat was awarded $500,000 in Community Project Funds through the FY24 federal appropriations process to help build the new community center at Weavers Grove. This funding was secured through the office of Congresswoman Valerie Foushee (D – N.C. 4th), who selected Habitat’s proposal, along with 14 additional priority projects, from 45 requests submitted to her office by local organizations. The Community Project Funding process allows lawmakers in D.C. to secure support in the federal budget for projects in their home districts which serve the public good.

“I am particularly pleased that fifteen of the well-vetted Community Project Funding requests that I submitted last year will deliver over $12.39 million to essential projects throughout the Fourth District,” said Congresswoman Foushee. “These project requests came directly from community and local leaders, and I am proud to secure federal assistance that will help address the urgent needs of the district and improve the quality of life for my constituents.”

The awarded funds will be used to build a vibrant new community center at the heart of Weavers Grove. This multipurpose space will feature extensive programming capacity, creative partnerships, community services, and a new public bus stop. The community center will be solarized to promote greenhouse gas reductions and climate resiliency. In March 2023, we were honored to welcome Rep. Foushee and her team for a Weavers Grove site visit, pictured here. The Congresswoman is a longstanding and tireless champion for Habitat and for affordable housing.

Thank you, Congresswoman Foushee, for your leadership and support of Weavers Grove!