Weavers Grove: Homebuyer Community Build Day

May 16, 2024

On Saturday, April 27, we were thrilled to host over 20 Habitat and market-rate homebuyers at Weavers Grove for a build day. It was a heartwarming display of unity and shared purpose. These future neighbors converged on a sunny morning to build Habitat homes together. We were even joined by a few homeowners from the neighboring community of Chandlers Green!

The event made a tangible impact through the structures which were built but more than that, it exemplified the power of collaboration and compassion.  Volunteers built not just houses, but homes. They showed that when people come together, regardless of background or circumstance, they can create something beautiful.

After a morning of hard work, there was a cookout on site. People enjoyed tasty food, fun lawn games, and getting to know each other. Many children were old enough to build with their parents. But, young children joined their parents for lunch to make the day fun for the whole family. It was a great day of togetherness. It was just one of many steps to make Weavers Grove a truly shared community.

We look forward to hosting more community-building events as more homebuyers join Weavers Grove!