Young Philanthropist: Making a Difference One Donation at a Time

June 18, 2024

8-year-old Madeleine has grown up in a philanthropic family and is already doing what she can to make a difference in her community. She’s donated Tooth Fairy money to the Food Bank, raised funds for children in our community going through cancer treatment through the Just Tryan It kids’ triathlon, and her most recent gift was donating her allowance to Orange Habitat.

Habitat is special to her and her family. Thanks to her grandfather, Rich Leber, she grew up visiting the Weavers Grove site even before construction began. “I’m amazed because I saw it when it was just trees, and now it is becoming a huge neighborhood,” said Madeleine. “I like to visit it often with my grandparents to see the progress. I’m excited to see when it is all finished.” Not quite old enough to volunteer, she looks forward to joining us on site to paint when she can.

As we approach the end of our fiscal year on June 30, we invite you to join Madeleine in supporting our work by making a donation of an amount that is meaningful to you. Every gift makes a difference. Another way to support Habitat is by supporting our upcoming Chick-fil-A Spirit Night at the Chapel Hill Carraway Village location (101 Village Center Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27516) on Thursday, June 20, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Make your gift today!